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Never mind the six million album covers around the world that feature Andy Katz’s photographs, or his dozen books of gorgeous photos that grace countless coffee tables around the country, or the many awards on his mantel earned from five decades of work around the world.  It was all an excuse.

An excuse to drink world class wine.  To learn what it takes to make world class wine.  And to spend time with his young son Jesse.

Andy brought Jesse to the most famous vineyards on earth, from the heart of Burgundy to the hills of Tuscany.  He may not have admitted it at the time, but Andy’s gambit worked.  Barely a decade later, Jesse is now one of the most exciting — and accomplished — winemakers in the world, recently gracing the cover of Wine Enthusiast as a rising young star who is doing nothing less than “changing the way the world drinks.”  The son of a man who, through his photographs, changes the way the world sees wine.

It’s a perfect combination.  Jesse supplies the grapes, Andy supplies the images.  And together they make wines worthy of their travels.

Aperture.  World class wines.

Katz and Katz.  A world class pairing.

Visit the Andy Katz Gallery in downtown Healdsburg, 322 Healdsburg Avenue, or call 707-200-7891 to schedule a private tasting of the Aperture wines.