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It is our pleasure to share some of our recent press and Aperture in the news with you as well as critic reviews of our wines below.
San Francisco Chronicle

Aperture Cellars, which is quickly becoming one of the major players in high-end Sonoma County wine, has just added a sizable new vineyard to its holdings. READ ESTHER MOBLEY’S ARTICLE>

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Sonoma: Looking at the 2019s  “Aperture, which is run by Jesse Katz, is a label readers will love, and his even smaller production Malbecs under his Devil Proof label are pure magic. These are incredible wines and some of the finest Malbecs in the world, without a doubt. Readers who love classic Bordeaux blends shouldn’t miss.” READ JEB DUNNUCK ARTICLE>

Aperture Cellars Wines: An Aesthetic & Sensory Tour-De-Force “Jesse Katz has been called a wunderkind, a boy genius, a maverick — and the winemaker behind Devil Proof Malbec, the best Malbec in California’s history is all those things. But as I learned in a virtual tasting of his Aperture Cellars lineup, he’s also a hard-working, down-to-earth, super-nice guy.” READ FORBES ARTICLE>

Picture Perfect: Jesse Katz’s Aperture Cellars
When Montage Healdsburg sought a vintner partner to oversee its onsite vineyard, the spectacular new resort selected Jesse Katz of Aperture Cellars. Surrounded by more than 425 Sonoma County wineries, the resort and its management team could have chosen to work with any number of influential winemakers, each of whom would have jumped at the chance to collaborate with the region’s largest hospitality venue. But it was Katz, a Wine Enthusiast ‘40 Under 40 Tastemaker,’ who got the nod. READ JUST LUXE ARTICLE>

Why Healdsburg Is California Wine Country’s Greatest Sleeper
“Sonoma County has one of the most unique terroirs in the world,” he continues. “The cold Pacific Ocean has a massive effect on temperature and creates a lot of microclimates, with sometimes 40-degree swings from the heat of the day to the cool of the night. We have areas cooler than Champagne and as warm as Bordeaux, along with a wide variety of soils with significant influence from volcanic activity a long time ago.”

A New Winery In Sonoma With A Stunning Hospitality Space Grapples With Covid
Aperture Estate not only represents the realization of a dream that superstar young veteran winemaker Jesse Katz has envisioned but it also represents the experiences he has shared with his father traveling around the world since he was seventeen months old.

Aperture Cellars Brings Sonoma County into Focus
Photography and winemaking might not seem to have a lot in common. But if it wasn’t for photography, Jesse Katz probably never would have become a renowned winemaker. Katz’s long journey to becoming a winemaker can be traced back to his father, Andy, a professional photographer.” READ MASS LIVE ARTICLE>

This winemaker to the stars has opened a Sonoma tasting room of his own “The wine wunderkind, 36-year-old Jesse Katz, has had his hands in several of high-profile projects over the last decade. He has made custom-label wines for celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Tony Hawk, and Ellen DeGeneres. He worked at Screaming Eagle. He studied in France. He created a malbec that Robert Parker called the best he’d ever tasted.” READ SF CHRONICLE ARTICLE>

Wine Spectator Logo
A Virtual Winery Opening: Sonoma Winemaker Jesse Katz Planned To Open His Tasting Room This Month Aperture winemaker Jesse Katz had April 17 circled on his calendar for months. The up-and-coming California winemaker was supposed to open a new tasting room for his winery just south of Healdsburg, a project that has been years in the making and a dream of his for more than a decade. But the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place orders mean it may be months before Katz christens the space. READ WINE SPECTATOR ARTICLE >

Wine Business Monthly
Aperture Cellars Announces “The Aperture Estate”: Opening in Healdsburg Spring 2020
“Aperture Cellars the renowned Sonoma Winery founded by winemaker Jesse Katz, is excited to announce the opening of a custom-designed hospitality center and modern winery opening on Old Redwood Highway in Healdsburg, CA in spring 2020.” READ WINE BUSINESS MONTHLY ARTICLE >

Becoming Devil Proof with California Malbec “Jesse Katz’s resume as a winemaker reads like a superstar in the making – from time spent at Pétrus in Bordeaux, California cult legend Screaming Eagle to stellar Argentina wineries Viña Cobos and Bodega Noemia.”

Raising a Glass, Remotely “This small but mighty Healdsburg winery — the founder, Jesse Katz, was the first winemaker to make the Forbes 30 Under 30 list

Aperture Oliver Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon
98 Points, Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate
98 Points, Jeb Dunnuck
95 Points, The Corkscrewer Report
93 Points, Wine Spectator
93 Points, Wine Enthusiast
9.5/10 Points, Vinography

Aperture Del Rio Cabernet Sauvignon
97+ Points, Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate
97 Points, Jeb Dunnuck
94 Points, Wine Enthusiast

Aperture SJ Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon
96 Points, Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate
97 Points, Jeb Dunnuck
91 Points, Wine Enthusiast
94 Points, James Suckling

Aperture Zinfandel 1912 Estate
96 Points, Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate

Aperture Cabernet Sauvignon
97 Points, Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate
94 Points, The Corkscrewer Report
94 Points, Wine Enthusiast
93 Points, Wine Spectator & Editor’s Most Exciting New Wines
93 Points, The Tasting Panel
95 Points, Jeb Dunnuck
92 Points, Antonio Galloni, Vinous
92 Points, James Suckling
9.5/10 Points, Vinography

Aperture Red Blend
96+ Points, Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate
93 Points, Jeb Dunnuck
91 Points, Wine Spectator & Editor’s Most Exciting New Wines
91 Points, Wine Enthusiast
90 Points, James Suckling
9.5/10 Points, Vinography
90 Points, Antonio Galloni, Vinous

Aperture Nomad Cabernet Franc
91+ Points, Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate
94 Points, Cellar Selection, Wine Enthusiast
99 Points, The Corkscrewer Report

Aperture Barrel-Fermented Sauvignon Blanc
93 Points, Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate
94 Points, Wine Enthusiast
92 Points, Wine Spectator
93 Points, The Corkscrewer Report
92 Points, Jeb Dunnuck

Aperture Chenin Blanc
92 Points, Wine Enthusiast & Editor’s Choice, highest rating of the varietal from California
91 Points, Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate 
93 Points, James Suckling
90 Points, Jeb Dunnuck

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